We believe we can

all value a premium life

Our wish: Exceptional quality. Healthy supply chain systems. Open sources & enjoy share.

Nikkiaz.com is operated by LOVEIS INTERNATIONAL CO.,LIMITED., we wish every right choice can be as easy as delivering to you. That's why we partner with the advanced information technology system, certified professional factories around China. Every inch source only the finest materials to promise our value of premium life. We enjoy to share the value of every product we make with you. It's our new way doing business, and we name it: open sources & enjoy share.

Our factories

Our healthy supply chain systems approach

With decade collaboration and growth with our suppliers, we have build a well-developed and healthy supply chain systems. Take advantage and combine advanced IT, design, research and quality control systems, our factories are the same ones that produce your favorite brand labels. Each factory is strictly followed with compliance audit to evaluate factors like ethical manufacturing, social responsibility and environment.

Our quality

At Nikkiaz, we believe quality comes with material and attitude. We want you to enjoy the value when our pieces appears. That why we source only the finest material to promise premium life, like our Grade-A Polyamide tights, wire-free Barletta.

Let's Nikkiaz

We love to share and enjoy the love from you!

At Nikkiaz, we wish more people to know and enjoy the value of our pieces. That why we are running a program call Let's Nikkiaz to know more people like you in different places to collaborate, design and more together. We wish our relationship like our factories: more than business. Our goal is we can work together to build and create the value to more people in the world and you are our brands ambassador! If you are interested in our products and enjoy Nikkiaz value, please join us now.

Join Nikkiaz

We welcome interested manufacturers to join us, we will provide you with a platform and sell your products, you only need to pay a small part of the fee to enjoy our services. Of course we will send someone to your factory to review your products and scale. If you are interested, you can send us an email and we will have someone to contact you. Email: info@nikkiaz.com

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