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Women have definitely experienced at least once in their lives the challenging task of shopping for the right bra. Like most articles of clothing, bras require sizing and measurements, but it’s extra tough because there is no one-size-fits-all standard for bras. There are so many things to keep in mind, such as the material, amount of support, shape and size, among other parameters. Now, imagine the dilemma when pregnancy comes into the picture.

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There are many bodily changes that happen when a woman undergoes pregnancy, and the breasts are not spared. Over the course of nine months, the breasts become more sensitive, larger, and may also leak once the body starts producing milk. These changes necessitate the use of a nursing bra to provide comfort and support for the lactating mother.

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The nursing bra is an undergarment specifically made for pregnant and lactating women. These have panels or flaps in-built on the bra cups to give easy access for breastfeeding without needing to remove the bra itself. The key point of wearing a nursing bra is to be comfortable because your breasts may feel heavy and full when lactating.

In theory, bras in general are not an absolute need. Bras can be constrictive when worn for long periods, and it’s definitely a relief when one removes it by the end of the day. However, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, your bust needs all the support it can get from a well-fitting nursing bra. Here is a need-to-know guide you can use before you shop for the right nursing bra.


If you’ve spent quite a while figuring out the right bra size, you might be stumped by the fact that pregnancy and lactation change everything you have known about your breasts. This means adjusting your choice of size to accommodate the growth and sensitivity you may experience during this time.

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Some pregnant ladies choose to buy a regular bra with a bigger cup size than their old ones. Some opt for sports bras, which could give enough support and comfort, too. However, getting a nursing bra is the best option if you are looking to breastfeed your baby. The nursing bra is especially designed to make breastfeeding easier while making sure that your bust is properly supported. If you have to travel or be somewhere with your baby, wearing a nursing bra will make feeding the baby a breeze even when in public places.


Nursing bras do more than just providing comfort and support for breastfeeding or pregnant mothers. There are a lot more benefits that any lactating lady can really appreciate once they start using nursing bras. Here are some of them:


  • Nursing bras make breastfeeding easier. Yes, regular bras can just be pulled up or down so you can start feeding your baby, but that would defeat the purpose of bras, which is to support the breasts and offer protection while in public. Nursing bras are made with flaps or a panel on the cups so you do not have to remove your bra all the way. This also gives better access for your baby.
  • It avoids blockage of milk ducts. It is a common occurrence for a woman’s milk ducts to become clogged if you wear a bra that is too tight. Nursing bras are made to adjust to the size changes as the breasts fill or empty out the milk supply. These are usually made from stretchy fabric that does not constrict the breast, preventing milk ducts from getting blocked.
  • It prevents the breasts from sagging. Breastfeeding moms are worried about breasts sagging as time goes by, because the tissues are constantly being pulled down while breastfeeding. This concern is reduced if you use a nursing bra, because it holds the extra weight of nursing breasts. The Cooper’s ligaments, which are connective tissues that maintain breast shape, are stretched out during pregnancy and lactation. The nursing bra is designed to carry the weight and support this ligament, preventing breasts from getting saggy.
  • It holds breast pads, protecting against leakage. Leaking milk is a common issue when breastfeeding, and nursing bras are equipped with bra pads to cushion against leaks. These pads soak up all the excess milk produced by the breast and leaves clothes dry and protected against milk marks due to leakage.
  • It provides support while exercising. Pregnant or breastfeeding women also need exercise, and wearing a nursing bra can prevent discomfort while exercising. Since the breasts are bound to become heavier and tender, a nursing bra will keep breasts supported during movement, and effectively prevents mastitis or breast tissue inflammation.



There are many things to consider when choosing a maternity or nursing bra. This is to accommodate the changes that happen specifically to the breasts as soon as pregnancy and lactation start. Here are some things you need to keep in mind before choosing the right nursing bra for you:


Shopping for nursing bras, or any garment for that matter, requires you to prioritize quality over anything. This is to ensure that you are getting the best comfort and value for money. This includes the fabric, hooks, and other elements that comprise the undergarment.

 Choose cotton or other naturally produced fabric for the material, because you want this to be as breathable as possible. It also has to be absorbent to keep moisture from pooling your breasts, causing discomfort. There are instances when one is allergic to synthetic materials, so it is safer to stay away from such fabric when it comes to nursing bras.

Stretch fabric is also a desirable material to be used for nursing bras, and you definitely need to choose one that will adjust with the increase or decrease in size while emptying or filling milk.


A nursing bra with good support will feel really comfortable to wear. a properly fitted bra supports the back and shoulder efficiently, preventing any strain caused by poorly supporting bras. The shoulder straps should be wide and does not dig on the shoulders. If you feel any pain because of the straps, it may be because the bra is not the right fit for you. Also, the hook strap should be adjustable so as to hold the bust in place even during rigorous movement.

There is also the matter of underwiring in bras. Nursing bras may come with an underwire, which are perfectly fine as long as the do not dig on the ribs or are too constrictive. Some ladies opt for soft cup or wireless nursing bras, because the underwire can put some pressure on breast tissues.


Breasts are private lady parts, and as such are aptly covered with a bra to protect the modesty of a lady. The concept of the nursing bra is the same, with the addition of flaps or panels that protect the breasts, and at the same time makes feeding in public discreet and unremarkable. A seamless nursing bra will cover the breasts entirely, and is free from any lumps or bulges on any part of the cup.


The nursing bra is designed to promote breastfeeding, and are made in such a way that both the mother and baby are comfortable while the feeding takes place. To ensure this, choose a nursing bra with flaps and clasps that can be removed and hooked again using one hand. This is to easily open or close panels while carrying the baby.


You need more than one nursing bra to keep your breasts clean and protected. It is easy to soil nursing bras, especially when you are leaking milk. Having a few extras in the closet are good to have, because soiled nursing bras can become the breeding ground for bacteria or fungi. Buy at least two nursing bras and always keep in mind to wear a clean, dry bra.


Q: Are nursing bras safe to use?

A: Yes, absolutely! Nursing bras provide great support for full and heavy lactating breasts, and they’re good protection against problems such as mastitis and skin irritation.

Q: How do I know my size?

A: You need to measure your bust the right way to get the size that fits you. To do this, measure your band size (32, 34, 36, etc.) by wrapping a measuring tape around your chest where the bra band is. Take your bust size by loosely wrapping the tape around the breast up to the tips. Then, subtract band size from bust size and refer to a chart to convert the result to cup size.

Q: What nursing bra brand can we recommend for you?

A: Our top pick for a great nursing bra is the collection offered by Nikkiaz. Their nursing bras are made from high-quality materials and are designed to fit lactating breasts perfectly. The Nikkiaz seamless nursing bra comes with excellent support and coverage, and padded to protect the breasts from soreness, leakage and sagging. Over all, there is much to love about their nursing bras, and their prices are definitely worth it!

Q: Can I sleep with a nursing bra on?

A: Yes, especially when your breasts feel tender when they press on the bed. A nursing sleep bra can provide cushion from any pressure or friction. Like the Nikkiaz nursing bra that are excellently padded for overnight use, a good bra will gently provide support while sleeping. Also, if your breasts undergo excessive leaking of breastmilk, wearing a nursing sleep bra with pads on is a must-have to absorb the leak.

The nursing bra is definitely one garment that a mother should have in their closet. It’s not only a shield against prying eyes when breastfeeding in public, it also has a host of health benefits that protect your breasts from risks of inflammation and irritation. It can also provide relief for heavy or tender breasts while sleeping. Be sure to choose the right fitting, high quality nursing bra, so you can breastfeed and be comfortable at the same time.

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