• What I Wish Everyone Knew About Compression Socks Running

    The sports world is abuzz with a new addition to fitness accessories – the compression socks. Traditionally being used as a circulatory aid for bedridden and elderly patients, compression socks have been making waves because of their touted health benefits to athletes and recreational exercisers. Several runners and sports enthusiasts started wearing these socks to reduce their risks of muscle soreness, prevent injury, and...
  • What Kind Of Compression Socks Should Nurses Wear

    What Kind Of Compression Socks Should Nurses Wear
      For a nurse, wearing compression socks is a must. If I had known this fact, I should not have developed varicose veins and experienced leg swelling back then. Now, I feel that I just wasted my money on expensive socks that did not help me attain my goal of avoiding these problems. The secret actually lies in choosing the right kind of socks...
  • Nursing Bra for New Mom Guide

    Nursing Bra for New Mom Guide
    Women have definitely experienced at least once in their lives the challenging task of shopping for the right bra. Like most articles of clothing, bras require sizing and measurements, but it’s extra tough because there is no one-size-fits-all standard for bras. There are so many things to keep in mind, such as the material, amount of support, shape and size, among other parameters. Now,...
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